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Commercial & Office Cleaning Services Parramatta

Office Building

“Cutelli’s Cleaning Services are highly recommended, in my experience their services are professional. 

Anthony is available on call 24/7 if any urgent updates that occur, he shows a great attitude & passion towards his work.” 

-Linda Hurst

Cutelli’s Cleaning Services (CCS) aims to provide excellence in cleaning services which means you can focus on what is important to your organisation. With over 17 years of industry experience and a friendly family run business, CCS leads a team of experienced staff to meet your specific needs. 

CCS are engaged within the local Parramatta community to contribute towards the local schools & charities to further assist them in anyway possible with our capabilities.

We specialise and are certified in infectious cleaning. Disinfection is a process which kills or removes harmful germs from surfaces after the surface has been cleaned. CCS stresses the importance to protect yourself, other workers and client/resident/patients by practicing good personal hygiene and by wearing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment for the task being performed. CCS provides office cleaning in Parramatta, and believes frequently touched surfaces require more regular cleaning and disinfection than minimal contact surfaces. Cleaning and disinfection is usually done at least daily and more frequently if the risk of environmental contamination is higher. Think about all the things you touch each day and how many people may have touched them before you and may require our office cleaners in Parramatta to eliminate any possible dangers in the work environment. 

CCS has a policy for all staff to wear gloves and masks when necessary. We wash our hands and re-usable gloves before and after cleaning every bathroom to reduce potential for transmission of infections. Our office cleaners in Parramatta are well trained in that environment as we are highly experienced in that region for many years.


Our aim is to provide clients with a red carpet service, attaining to the highest quality and understanding that every customer receives the best possible care. The testimonials and positive feedback we receive are a reflection on our customer services and quality of work.

We are always striving to further learn and update our products & services to educate our staff to perform professionally in changing times to adapt to the clients requests.


Our Vision 


CCS success as a group culture is achieved in life when it all begins with a vision. It’s the visionaries that have transformed the world like Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Marconi & etc.

Our Vision is to help as many workplaces, homes, & social environments that require our professional cleaning services to give them fulfillment by giving them the freshly cleaned space to achieve their goals & aspirations.

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