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Glass/window cleaning

Windows are the main source of natural light in a room. With the passage of time, glasses in windows can get dull due to accumulation of dirt and contaminants like oxidation, hard mineral, acid rain and more. This can block the sunlight making the room seem darker.

But we often forget to clean the windows and glass while cleaning the house. However, regular cleaning is important for a brighter and healthier indoor area.


We offer high quality window cleaning services by local experts at affordable prices.

Although it may seem like it, window cleaning is not just all about cleaning the glass. The other elements that need cleaning are 

  • Casing

  • Sills

  • Tracks

This cleaning should be done twice a year, once in the spring and once before winter.

We offer window and glass cleaning services for all types of windows and glass, using only the products that are safe for your windows and your health.

Our professionals understand the type of cleaning your windows need and make sure that not just glass but also each and every crevice is clean and shiny.

Get in touch now to get window/glass cleaning quotes.

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