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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout cleaning is just as important as any other cleaning.

Even if you clean the tiles with mop on a regular basis, the germs and bacteria are cleaned only on the surface and more dirt gets accumulated to grout. Even scrubbing the grout at home can not completely remove the dirt as it is stuck at hard to reach places.

There are a lot of types of tiles that require specific cleaning techniques and methods. The pressure or the solution required to clean the tiles might be different for different types of tiles. Some tiles can be at hard to reach places and require special attachments to clean them.


Grout can be the unhealthiest area inhabiting a number of harmful germs and bacteria. The larger the grout gap is, the more intensive is the cleaning it requires. During the regular cleaning, the grout is often ignored which can lead to accumulation of dirt and other harmful microscopic contaminants.

The grout left dirty for long can promote mould growth which can pollute the indoor environment and lead to various health hazards. The most common areas to have tiles are kitchen and bathroom. And of course, these areas are more prone to mould growth. Regular tile and grout cleaning is essential to keep these spaces healthy and germ free.

We are here to help you get rid of all the dirt in tiles and grout, even from the toughest parts.

Our local professionals are trained in handling all types of tiles and grout and cleaning the tough spots with our industry grade equipment. 

We use only the safest cleaners and disinfectants and leave your tiles and grout healthier and shinier.

Contact us now to get quotes on tile and grout cleaning services.

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