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Commercial Cleaning

corporate cleaning
corporate cleaning
corporate cleaning

Creating a good impression on the customers

The first impression of your workspace plays and important role as your customers form an opinion on the business based on it. A clean and well-maintained workspace gives the idea that your business is also as maintained and organized, while a dirty or cluttered workspace gives the exact opposite idea. Your office needs to be in its best condition and presentable at all times, even for any unexpected visits.

Caring for the employees

Your employees spend most of their day at the office. The cleanliness of the environment can have a great effect on their health. A dirty workspace can deteriorate the health of your employees and cause certain kinds of allergies. Not only that, it can also affect the efficiency of the work getting done on a daily basis. A cluttered or dirty work environment can make your employees dull and get in the way of simple daily tasks, hindering the efficiency and causing stress among the employees. Regular cleaning of the workspace creates a hygienic and safer space for the employees and helps boost efficiency as well.

We understand the standards of cleanliness and safety your workspace needs and offer full disinfectant clean of commercial and corporate spaces.

Our packages are customised per your needs.

Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly, whenever you need cleaning, we are here to help.

Considering how important disinfection of commonly touched surfaces is,

special attention is paid to clean and disinfect

  • frequently touched door handles inside & outside including the bathrooms/entry doors

  • light switches

  • fridge handle

  • outside of the dishwasher

and more.

Contact us now to book a high-quality cleaning services by local experts at reasonable prices.

We use only the best cleaning products and equipment.

Medical facilities

Medical facilities are required to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness. A Medical Centre Aids various patients with a lot of different health conditions and germs can spread easily causing diseases to the patients as well as the workers. An ill-maintained medical facility can act as a hotspot for infections and diseases if stringent cleanliness and hygiene is not maintained. 

While obviously, cleanliness is important to maintain the physical health of patients and staff, a clean space also helps maintain the calm and peace in the facility. It can help patients rest in a peaceful environment and recover well. This also help your staff to do their job more efficiently in a stress-free environment.

As they know that the space is clean and well-maintained which minimizes the risk of infections.

Maintaining this level of cleanliness is crucial here and the normal cleaners and disinfectants just won’t do the job.

Our cleaning experts are trained for special cleaning of the medical facilities and use only the Hospital grade formulated disinfectant.

 We offer medical facility cleaning services for

  • Hospitals

  • Medical Clinics

& other healthcare centres.

We use the highest quality Hospital Grade Disinfectant listed by TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration.) that is proven to kill Covid-19.

This hard surface hospital grade disinfectant is also provenly effective against:

✔ Acinetobacter  

✔ Candida albicans

✔ Coronaviruses including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)               

✔ Enterococcus faecalis (VRE)

✔ Escherichia coli (E coli)                                                               

✔ Hepatitis B Group virus

✔ Herpes Simplex virus                                                                  

✔ Influenza virus

✔ Klebsiella pneumoniae (CPE/CRE)                                             

✔ Proteus vulgaris

✔ Pseudomonas aeruginosa                                                          

✔ Salmonella choleraesuis

✔ Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA or Golden Staph)


We provide the highest quality of medical facility cleaning at affordable prices.

Strata Commercial Cleaning & Maintenance

People use common spaces a little more and that’s why they get dirty quickly. If regular cleaning of these spaces is not done, they can be the riskiest and act as a hotspot for various infections. Elevators, stairs, hallways and other common spaces are used by numerous people every day making them unsafe if not cleaned on a daily basis. Regular cleanliness and maintenance is essential to maintain the health of everyone in the building.

While maintaining safe spaces for ourselves is a big task, cleaning the surroundings can be a big add on. And even though it can be add on, it is equally if not more important to properly maintain the surroundings and common spaces. Keeping common spaces clean in a strata building helps reduce health risks and adds value to the property.

We offer high-quality Strata Commercial Cleaning and Maintenance by our trained professionals to make sure your surroundings are just as healthy.

We understand your requirements and know the certain key areas that require special attention and the surfaces that need to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Our cleaning experts only use industry grade equipment and disinfectants to get rid of harmful germs and contaminants including Covid-19.

Contact us to get quotes for your Strata cleaning and maintenance requirements today.

Childcare Cleaning & Children’s workplace environment

Maintaining a clean and safe space for children is of utmost importance.

This services also include, Speech pathology, Education working environment (Tutoring Centres), Paediatric therapy clinic etc.

Childcare Centres are meant to keep children happy and healthy. They spend a lot of time playing and engaging in other activities at the centre. With all the fun activities going on, the space can get messy at times.

Commonly touched surfaces such as countertops, computer keyboard, door knobs and even toys can carry germs and bacteria. Regular cleaning and disinfection is required to get rid of germs, bacteria and viruses which can easily spread from one child to another.

And since children are more prone and need special care and hygienic conditions, routinely cleaning and disinfection of the centre is must. It helps to protect the children from any harmful bacteria causing any i

llnesses or allergies.

Our cleaning experts understand the standard of cleanliness that needs to be maintained at a childcare centre and the areas that need special attention.

Not only the germs, but even some cleaning agents and solutions can be harmful to children. Keeping the children’s safety in mind, only the disinfectants & antibacterial sanitizers that are non-toxic and safe for children are used for cleaning.

We offer high-quality childcare cleaning services at the best and affordable rates.

Get in touch now to get the quotes as per your requirements.

commercial cleaning
commercial cleaning
commercial cleaning
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